Victims of Fun

A retrospective graffiti documentary featuring some of Seattle's most prominent street artists, as well as the perspectives of representatives from anti-graffiti entities such as Goodbye Graffiti and Project Paint Out.



Seventy Times Seven - The Freedom of Forgiveness

Seventy Times Seven is a compilation of powerful testimonies of abandonment, abuse, infidelity etc. and the importance of forgiving others and forgiving yourself.








Sacrificial Resource Zone

Set in West Virginia this Award Winning Feature that fuses testimonials of lamentation, defiance and resolve into the definitive anti-pipeline documentary. It is a scathing examination of fossil fuel infrastructure projects, hydraulic fracturing, climate change and use of Eminent Domain in the service of corporate profits. Citizens voice their opposition to interstate pipelines in the Virginias for the transport of fracked gas to export terminals, and abroad. Dwindling coal reserves and the fossil fuel industry’s transition to natural gas extraction through Hydraulic Fracturing, is an environmental threat to communities across the globe. In powerful, emotionally impactful stories we learn the connection between the global market for liquified gas, the corporate interests that stand to make huge profits, and the ordinary citizens left to pay the price. In the U.S., the Appalachian Basin is the resource from where industry plans to double production over the next ten years in defiance of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Massive Interstate gas pipelines are to cut across the Appalachian Basin moving gas from fracking fields to the East Coast & Gulf. The nations gas glut will likely be shipped abroad. Concerns over fracking and pipelines, their disruption of the land, water, air quality, property values, historic and cultural heritage, are voiced. SACRIFICIAL RESOURCE ZONE Includes Award Winner MONROE SPEAKS!


Covid - 19 crisis 2020: GDL - MX

Amid the crisis in the world, people in Guadalajara, Mexico, are forced to make hard decisions due to the virus. This short narrative documentary shows that it's time to make important decisions.







Welcome to Monterey

As their population dwindles, their businesses are all about gone, this town in rural Monterey, Indiana fights to stay alive. An in-depth look into small town life, “Welcome to Monterey” follows a town’s journey to their 20th annual Labor Day Festival, capturing the people’s passions and doubt about whether this town has a future in today’s world.







7 Kybeles

7 poor women from Turkey's seven regions. Seher Toprak (Gaziantep), Meryem Alpaslan (Artvin), Güler Bal (Diyarbakır), Sevilay Köseoğlu (Aydın), Fatma Kalkan (Mersin), Zerge Torun (Mardin), Melek Yılmaz (Istanbul). What they all have in common is poverty and helplessness. In order to hold onto life, they all look for a way to solve the problem. Hope was a new beginning for them. 7 women would decide their own destiny to get rid of the deadlock they fell into. Each of them would start working and producing, make money, survive to prepare the future of their children.
7 women’s path cross with Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation (TİSVA) which gives micro-credit to women and their lives are changed.
The story of these 7 women is the transition to a dignified life, where they can get rid of poverty and despair and stand on their own feet.




Disabled By Distance

A documentary film tells the life of a psychosocial rehabilitation centre in Italy during quarantine period. Last spring the Italian government closed an entire nation because of Covid, but what has it meant for disabled people used to live close together? What has changed? What have users experienced? Is life at distance possible?






I Live

The film presents the life of Martina Piskač from her early childhood, teenage years, youth and motherhood to her mature age when she became a ______. Martina has spinal muscular atrophy. Despite numerous negative prognoses, she managed to shape for herself an active lifestyle and achieve equality according to her desires and ambitions. Her difficult and progressing physical disability put her into an electric wheelchair, but personal assistance now allows her to live independently. She can't even lift her arm, but she lives to the fullest, in the real sense of the word. The film l live breaks down the prejudice that life is unexceptional and bare, less creative and less playful and proves that will, reason and yearning have no limit. Especially due to her disability, Martina knows very well how precious life is, as she stared death in the face many times and has so far always beaten it. She looks at her life with a touch of irony and self-irony, which is often the way to make it through the most difficult moments.
The documentary I live was made entirely in its own production, without any external funds and donations.



A Place in the World

45 years waiting. International diplomacy's most outrageous failure. Refugees with a land to reclaim. A generation lost waiting for international support. A Republic in a refugee camp. The forgotten tragedy of the Saharawi people. The last African colony. The only refugee republic on Earth. Beyond the wall, a prosperous land: their own. This is a Saharawi story, a population expelled from their lands and forced to live to refugees for 45 years. With dignity and obstinacy they fight to return to their territories. How: asking the united nations and the whole world to recognize their right to exist, to self-determination. Beyond the wall, built by Morocco (2700 km of wall and minefields), there are their cities and their families. The Saharawi People look forward to a referendum, which reassign their lands. They legitimately want to go home, a counter-immigration denied the games of power, in fact their lands are widely exploited by Morocco for their mineral wealth. “A Place in the World”, it’s a documentary that tells their story, removing of geography and politics, making it simply a "human" story. As one of the interviewees says: "the weight of the World, if divided between everyone, becomes a feather, and even though we are in the middle of a Sahara desert, we must do our part". The purpose of the documentary and give a voice to this people who are in an impossible situation, forced to live confined in the desert in tents or shacks of sand with unsustainable temperatures. The documentary wants to be the means to tell a reality that unfortunately, too often, is common to the whole world, the overpower of man over man.


A group of twenty-somethings, coping with the sudden loss of a close friend, do the only thing that makes sense to them in their time of grief: they put on a play.




Men Making A Difference

'Traditional efforts to tackle gender-based violence against women have concentrated on empowering women or handing out punishment to the perpetrators. This approach however insulates men from the process of transformation and furthers the gender divide'. 'Men Against Violence and Abuse - MAVA is a Mumbai based NGO, which for the past 27 years have been engaging Boys and Men to address issues of gender inequality and discrimination and help stop prevent gender-based violence against women'. This is their story.


Beyond The Model

After the assaults and discrimination of Asians because of COVID-19, this film shines a light on what it is like be a “model minority” in an increasingly divided America.




My children in America's hands. The tragic deaths of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and George Floyd have rocked the American nation, and left three mothers without their child. A child they carried for nine months. A child that is their own flesh, blood, and love. A new revolution is upon us. Hear from three black mothers who tell of their hopes and fear for their black children entering a discriminative America. Whitney Pirtle, a sociologist professor at UC Merced, who has two sons with her husband who also works in education. Sam, she works in the education field. And finally, Arkesha, who is a city bus driver.





Defined By The Line

A short documentary exploring how gender roles impact the lives of teenagers across the globe.




The Forty Foot

 A short documentary about the brave swimmers of The Forty Foot in Dublin Bay, where people have been dipping into the "fresh" Irish Sea for 250 years




While she was struggling every day against her lung cancer, I stumbled across some of my mother's videotapes: her travels, her wedding, my birth.Her present, overshadowed by the disease, revolving only around waiting, treatments, morphine, was so different from the archives that showed her to me in a new light: radiant, carefree, loving. Feeling that her life was slipping through my fingers, before she died, I wanted one last time to make her talk and photograph her.






No Roses on a Sailor's Grave

73 years after Royal Navy veteran Patrick Thomas' ship vanishes during World War II, he is the last of the handful of survivors still living. Fate brings Patrick and completely stranger, archaeologist John Henry Phillips together. Fuelled by their unexpected bond and the rapid passing of the Second World War generation, John makes a shocking promise to find the ship and build a memorial with Patrick by his side.







Serendipity and Me 

A short look at the life of a young autistic actor, this documentary investigates the effects isolation and the 2020 pandemic have had on her, using her cat to demonstrate that despite the circumstances, we can all reclaim unexpected joy in our lives if we put in the work and allow ourselves to discover the possibilities.

The film was made over 3 days completely in quarantine with a 2-person crew and 1-person (and 1-cat cast). The subject of the film, Tal Anderson, is also the Writer, Director, Producer, and Editor of the film, and used archive footage and images of both her life and the life of her cat. Tal, who is also a successful professional actress, is also on the Autism spectrum.




Spokane Tribal Water Quality Standards on the Spokane River

A short history of what led the Spokane Tribe to establish tribal water quality standards on the Spokane River through the EPA and the Clean Water Act by applying for and receiving the "Treatment as a State" designation in order to save the water, the fish, their culture and way of life.








I Hunt Ghosts

"I Hunt Ghosts" is a very real look at the field of paranormal research and investigation. Willy Adkins, George Hawrylenko and Mark Schwabe of the Illinois Ghost Hunters take you on two investigations into the unknown. First, we visit the historic Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb, Illinois, as we examine a haunting that goes by the name of "Irv". Then, we travel to Rockford, Illinois, to investigate the Tinker Swiss Cottage.







The story of an African-American sugarcane farmer and the subsequent unravelling of his livelihood in the wake of discrimination and harassment. It's a personal story, but one that speaks to the wider narrative of systemic and insidious racism that exists within the American farming industry. It is poignant, emotional and timely, and a story that deserves to be heard.






Last People of Chernobyl

The Last People of Chernobyl is an emotional documentary showing the lives of samosely - people who still live in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, created after the 1986 nuclear power plant disaster. In their abandoned villages, there is no running water or stores, often no electricity. Many of them are fighting the hardships of old age. Despite three decades spent almost alone, they show a picture of humanity forgotten in the developed world.

"There is no month without death here," they say, adding that every now and then someone dies and that it will soon come for them as well. Today, there are no more than 50 of them left and probably almost all of them will be gone in the next few years. That is why they are the last people of Chernobyl.



 Built Lands

In the late 60s a group of artists decides to settle in a village in the ‘darkest-deepest’ Spain. Today only Felix Cuadrado Lomas still remains there, determined to reflect the landscape which surrounds him: the lands built by those who work on them.






Alaska Long Hunters

 This award winning story follows the life of a young pilot who flew in Alaska’s frontier arctic. Experience the front-seat thrills of bush planes and helicopters operating in the most dangerous conditions on earth, airborne among the magnificent mountains, glaciers and rivers that only Alaska has to offer. Includes true-life experiences of accidents, comradeship, humor and heartbreak of life in early Alaska, gone forever when dismantled into parks in the 1980’s. Based on the book Last of the Long Hunters by Mark Rose, the scene opens with an early history of the Great Land and those that lived in it through interviews with several life-long Alaskans, including Hilda Lidner, Ray Atkins and Gale Ranny to name a few. Leading up to the introduction of the authors use of a new tool of transport – the single engine airplane, but not without extracting a terrible price. Experience what it was like to growing up among the dangerous game, hunting the massive caribou herds and absorbing the greatness of the county. Pilots will gain from the flying experiences related, and every boy, man and aviator will be compelled to grapple with its final truth, concluding with a crisis encounter that forever changed the pilot's life forever. Filmed on Location in Alaska. Premiere's Spring 2020.


Spark: A Systematic Racism Story

Spark: A Systemic Racism Story explores the root causes of systemic racism and proposes remedies in public safety, policing, criminal justice, and social norms. Made by white allies after the tragedy of George Floyd’s death, it encourages recognition of unconscious bias and commitment to unlearning a historical narrative that redefined an entire race.



Reborn is a short documentary focusing on the work of Kamala Tonny Bwannika, founder and vision barer of Kikaya House, an orphanage located in the outskirts of Entebbe, Uganda, on the shoreline of the vast Lake Victoria.

As well as providing refuge to the children in his care, the project continues to provide invaluable public services, developing the surrounding community. The documentary follows a day in the life at Kikaya House.

Reborn is a charity project made by Sam Travis and Ana Garcia Rico with their own kit on zero budget.



Riding the Light

A veteran photographer heads to the desert Southwest to reflect on life, his art and the pursuit of that perfect moment.







A Mirror For The Sun

Captain Tamar Ariel grew up in a religious Jewish home in a cooperative farming community in southern Israel. At age 20 she was the only woman to be accepted to the Flight Academy of the Israeli Air Force, where she trained and served as a rear-seat, F-16D combat navigator. In the autumn of 2014, wishing for new experiences after her military service, Tamar traveled to Nepal. With a group of other Israeli and international hikers she reached the peak of the Annapurna mountain range only to encounter an unexpected snow storm. Using her air force survival training,Tamar managed to save a number of lives before succumbing to hyperthermia in the snow. She was one of 36 people who lost their lives that night.

Narrated by the young people in Tamar’s group who survived the storm, and using stills and video footage shot by them, “A Mirror For the Sun” is the story of their climb through the Thorong La pass in increasingly grueling and desperate conditions. It is also the celebration of a young woman’s life – her abilities, her dreams, and her determination to be the first orthodox woman combat navigator in Israeli history.


Sankofa Chicago

A documentary that reflects upon the importance of learning black history in order to shape a better future for our young black citizens, starting with Chicago.







The Black Spur

Warren Meyer went on a hike early on a Sunday morning in 2008 around The Black Spur. He never returned. 10 years on, and we have a wild assortment of theories from organised crime to escaped psychiatric patients, to a sighting on the Italian riviera. Since his disappearance, his wife Zee has worked tirelessly to find out what has happened.There are many clues, but which of them can explain Warren's fate?





Under Threat

The Polish President died in an air crash in Russia (2010). The reason stated: pilot error. However testimonies at the prosecutor's office and technical findings deliver some surprising information and tell another story. Archival footage documenting the first few minutes after the crash, obtained from secret services, will see the light of day for the first time.






Never Alone - The Marty Mahrt Story

On May 10, 1966, Capt. Marty Mahrt became another statistic in the brutal air war over North Vietnam — his F-105 received a crippling hit and he was forced to bail out "further north" into enemy territory any had before.

The odds were against his rescue for sure. Examining the statistics, he had a 2/3's chance of being made POW or dying. Yet, he was rescued in a herculean effort. This is his story.






Azilali: They Do Not Sleep

The creatures of the sea are always awake to connect with you. Journeying through the life of a dark
shyshark foetus, this film is a deep cinematic and aural bowing to the sacredness of the kelp forests and
its myriad life forms and non-life forms. It gently reaches out to that which is beyond what can be said about
the profundity, mysteriousness and
beauty of nature and the universe.





The Soul of a Farmer

The Soul of A Farmer captures the struggle of every small-scale organic farmer committed to growing beautiful produce. The 35 minute film bursts the romantic notion of farm-to-table, portraying the constant tension between Patty Gentry’s mission to grow the organic vegetables chefs treasure and eke out a living, too. As a former chef at top New York restaurants, she instinctively knows what her customers want and need. "She is the Picasso of vegetables," Isabella Rossellini, the international movie star and activist, who is also Patty's landlord, tells us. In one scene, Isabella laughingly says, “Patty encourages me to take her garbage to my animals, but I go through it first, because she throws away things other farmers would sell.”


When All That's Left Is Love

When All That’s Left is Love is the emotionally gripping story of a wife’s determination to care for her Alzheimer’s-stricken husband in their home. With unprecedented, behind-the-scenes access, the film reveals the toll that the disease takes on families coping with Alzheimer's, while also showcasing the power of love that sustains both patients and caregivers.